This is an excerpt from the SATSA website.

Are you doing business with Legal and Credible members of the Southern Africa Travel Trade?

By using SATSA members, you can be assured of this!

Southern Africa Tourism Services Association

The Southern Africa Tourism Services Association is the leading body representing the private sector of the tourism industry.
As the inbound tourism association of Southern Africa, SATSA represents almost all the major players and principals including airlines, coach operators, accommodation establishments, vehicle hire companies, attractions, conference organisers and related marketing organisations.
Recognising that tourism is a service industry, the appearance of the SATSA logo is a sign of commitment to service excellence for the tourist.
During the past 31 years SATSA has established a reputation for integrity and professionalism and with continued support from the growing membership base this is ensured for years to come.

Annually members provide the SATSA Head Office with updated information which includes:
Financial: An auditor’s letter confirming the financial statements are up-to-date and the company has sufficient funds for normal trade.
Code of Conduct: Members must observe the Association’s rules embodied in the Constitution and Code of Conduct. Updated Codes of Conduct are obtained annually.
Insurance: Insurance cover suitable to the needs of the tourism industry is to be met by members. Members continually submit updated information regarding their insurance cover as well as details of valid road carrier permits and licences.
Standards: Members are continually striving to ensure high standards of service are met.
INTEGRITY: Integrity is clearly embodied in SATSA’s Code of Conduct. It is essential that customers receive what they are promised. Any written complaint received by SATSA is investigated with appropriate action taken where necessary.
COMMUNICATION: A growing number of SATSA members have web pages on the Internet. To support this, SATSA has an information page which can be linked to member pages.
LOBBYING: SATSA aims to establish, promote and represent the views of the tourist industry and to make the problems within the needs of the tourist industry known to the authorities and assist in resolving them.

Who belongs to SATSA?

To achieve either National or Chapter membership a business should fall into one of the below mentioned categories:

  • Airline / Air Charter
  • Accommodation
  • Attraction
  • Car Hire Company
  • Coach Operator
  • Game Lodge
  • Marketing Organisation
  • Tourism Consultant
  • Convention and Conference
  • Organisation Incentive
  • Organisers
  • Tour Guide Business
  • Tour Broker
  • Tour Operator (with wheel)

Who does SATSA belong to?

SATSA enjoys quid pro quo membership with several sister associations within the southern African region and is a founder member of TBCSA (Tourism Business Council of South Africa).

Internationally SATSA belongs to UFTAA.